Demo store powered by LoadUp Enterprise™

Features & Benefits

  • Up-sell & profit from an additional revenue source.

    By offering customers removal and install add on services, you can up-sell the cost and earn additional revenue.

  • Offer a true end-to-end solution to your customers.

    Go above and beyond the purchase of a new item and provide customers with the removal of the old item.

  • Nationwide coverage + ESA "Extended Service Areas"

    LoadUp is a full-service nationwide hauling company and even offers services outside major cities.

  • Partner with a leader in waste removal innovation.

    LoadUp has built the largest network of independent haulers backed by custom logistics technology.

  • Go beyond return logistics with installation & setup.

    Aside from partnering with LoadUp for returns, you can now offer removal and installation services to your customers.

  • Streamline customer service and skip all the manual work.

    With the integration of our API, we work behind the scenes to offer solutions that create no additional work on your end.

  • Responsible mattress & furniture disposal made easy.

    Through recycling and donation, we do our best to dispose of old items in the most responsible way possible.

  • Reduce your return rate by offering mattress disposal.

    By offering the removal of an old item, customers are less likely to return their newly purchased item.

  • Manage everything right from your partner dashboard.

    Through our partner portal you can manage everything from from order history to invoices and payout.